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CHISON Medical Technologies, a global leader in diagnostic ultrasound since 1996, prioritizes innovation and quality. With research centers in China and the USA and a wide sales network in over 100 countries, the company aims to enhance medical care through accessible and affordable technology.


Pioneering Excellence in Global Diagnostic Ultrasound Innovation

Innovation, High Quality, Passion, Integrity, Win-Win

To enhance medical care through innovative technology and promote overall health.

To establish ourselves as the leading enterprise in the specialized ultrasound field.

CHISON Medical Technologies Co., LTD (Stock Code: 688358) has emerged as the world’s leading diagnostic ultrasound manufacturer since its inception in 1996. In the journey of continuous development and technological revolution, CHISON has independently established Research and Development Centers in China and the USA.

CHISON is globally recognized and praised for its evolving culture. It has been approved as one of the most hi-tech enterprises by the Jiangsu Technology Department. CHISON owns approximately 5 R&D centers in China and the US, with its R&D headquarters being awarded the status of a National Competent Enterprise in Intellectual Property Rights.

At CHISON, we believe in continuous innovative developments and solutions to address current trends. Nominated as the National R&D Project leader and supported by China’s upcoming 5-year plan, we undertake the responsibility to lead and grow as China’s most dedicated ultrasound technology provider. Confident diagnosis and enriched workflow are our main priorities. Our remarkable journey in the international market has garnered huge popularity and a positive response. We are the only company certified by CMD, CE (EU), FDA (US), CSA (Canada), KFDA (South Korea), and other relevant international certifications. CHISON has a vast sales network, marking its presence in more than 100 countries.

With the vision of “Value beyond Imaging,” CHISON continuously develops and manufactures high-quality diagnostic ultrasound machines that benefit millions of practitioners and patients. CHISON aims to make cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging experiences more accessible and affordable.

Founded in 1996, CHISON is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultrasound systems. In its 27 years of history, CHISON has consistently adhered to independent research and development. Thanks to long-term technology accumulation and continuous technological innovation, CHISON has obtained around 600 patents and copyrights assigned in China, the EU, and the US.

As a technology-leading company certified by CMD, CE, FDA, CSA, KFDA, and other relevant international certifications, CHISON has a wide sales network covering more than 100 countries. As the only one in China listed on the STAR Market in the ultrasound field, CHISON’s market value once exceeded 5 billion CNY.


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