COMEN-8000E-F-H Patient Monitor


For general departments, the functions of anesthetic gas, depth of anesthesia, cardiac output, EEG, and muscle relaxation are redundant, and the STAR8000 series retains only the basic six-parameter monitoring function which optimizes the performance of the instrument, reduces costs, and meets basic monitoring needs.

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3/5/12-lead ECG measurement technology with automatic lead recognition

If the intelligent lead falls off, the lead type can be automatically selected
according to the signal quality to ensure uninterrupted monitoring

ECG waveform cascade monitoring with long term focus on the same lead


Common mode rejection ratio of 105dB, with strong ECG anti-interference ability

With arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis


Non-invasive blood pressure

With manual, automatic, and continuous measurement modes

With assisted venipuncture function

The initial inflation pressure can be selected to improve measurement accuracy and patient comfort.


Invasive blood pressure

Dual-channel invasive blood pressure supports multiple brands of invasive blood pressure accessories, IBP monitoring

More than 10 pressure categories can be measured

Real-time monitoring of PPV/SPV with IBP waveform overlapping function for easy comparison and analysis


End-tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2)

In cooperation with Respironics and Masimo, adopts plug-and-play ETCO2 monitoring

Mainstream/Sidestream EtCO2 option available. The sampling rate of side stream is 50ml/min.

The Nomoline sampling tube can evaporate water vapor by itself without
the need for a water bottle, reducing the occurrence of infection.


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