H3 Three-channel electrocardiograph ECG


The H3 Three-channel electrocardiograph (ECG) features a 6.2-inch LED LCD touchscreen display, intelligent ambient light adjustment, and simultaneous display of 12 ECG waveforms. It supports 80mm x 20m paper, with thermal line matrix and external laser printing options, and can store up to 10,000 cases as binary images. The device allows for remote data exchange via FTP, as well as case import/export through a USB flash drive. Notable functions include ECG review, automatic wake-up, and timing shutdown. It’s compatible with external peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, and barcode scanner and offers a medical records search function based on name and ID number.

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H3 Three-channel electrocardiograph ECG

Screen display

  • 6.2-inch LED LCD screen with touch screen operation
  •  Intelligent ambient light detection with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Simultaneous display of 12 ECG waveforms

Recording and storage

  •  Paper types supported are 80mm x 20m roll or folded paper
  •  Support built-in thermal line matrix printing and external laser printing
  • Store up to 10,000 cases, save as binary images
  •  Support FTP server, can upload and download case data from remote network at any time
  • Import and export of cases via USB flash drive


  •  Features an ECG review function that can review 10 minutes of ECG waveforms and the 12-lead waveform data printing for any 10 seconds in 10 minutes
  • With standby automatic wake-up and timing shutdown function
  • Support external mouse, keyboard, barcode scanner
  •  Full touch screen operation, sliding up and down to select functions, easy to operate
  •  Support for medical records search function, fuzzy search by name and ID number



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