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Introducing FMT’s High-Frequency Electrosurgical Cables: Designed for compatibility with all common electrosurgical instruments and generators, FMT’s cables are durable, easy to clean, and high-performing. These high-grade silicon cables with quality copper prevent memory, are double insulated with FEP for electrical insulation, and can withstand numerous sterilization cycles. FMT’s innovative punchable tags and compliance with CE and IEC standards make them the top choice for your electrosurgical needs.

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• FMT offers a wide range of bipolar and monopolar high-frequency cables suitable for all commonly used electrosurgical instruments and generators. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting while being easy to use and clean.

• All cables are produced from high-grade silicon with twined high-quality copper to prevent memory in the cable. The high stranding of copper wire enables FMT cables to perform longer without failure.

• Bipolar and monopolar cables are double insulated with FEP to provide excellent electrical insulation capability and elevated temperature resistance. Re-usable electrosurgical cables are supplied in a non-sterile state and can be steam-sterilized at 134 – 137°C for 3 mins minimum with the validated capability to withstand 50 re-processing cycles without loss of performance The insert molded connectors are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which has good thermal stability and eliminates the risk of micro-cracks in the plastic during autoclave cycles.

• FMT monopolar and bipolar cables have permanently attached plastic tags with fifty punchable dots. The user can simply punch a dot in every time the cable is autoclaved and easily see and monitor product usage.

• FMT high frequency cables have the CE marking according to directive 93 / 42 / EEC and comply with IEC 60601-2-2.


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