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Introducing FMT’s Reusable SpO2 Sensors: FMT provides precision-engineered SpO2 sensors compatible with a wide range of pulse oximeters and patient monitoring systems. Our sensors are designed for comfort and durability, catering to patients of all ages. With a focus on safety, our biocompatible materials and compliance with medical device regulations ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. Trust FMT for accuracy, compatibility, and patient well-being.

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• FMT manufactures reusable SpO2 sensors for different technologies pulse oximeters or the modules built into the patient monitoring systems.

• Selecting precision optoelectronic components that meet the specifications and performance levels of OEM sensors makes FMT sensors fully compatible with most of the pulse oximeters and patient monitors on the market.

• Our entire range of SpO2 sensors is compatible with the following brands or technologies: BCI, Criticare, GE, Mindray/Datascope, Nihon Kohden, Masimo, Nellcor, Nonin, Philips, Spacelabs, and more.

• From neonates to Adults, FMT offers comfortable, durable, and accurate sensors for different patient sizes. Finger Clip, Soft Tip, Multi-Y Style, Neonate Wrap, and Ear Clip type sensor options are available.

• Specially designed, TPU jacketed flexible cable, dual shielded cable construction for signal integrity, bend relief supported cable sections provide extra durability and long service life of FMT SpO2 sensors.

• FMT SpO2 sensors are made of biocompatible materials. No LATEX or PVC is used in the production of reusable SpO2 sensors to maximize patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of bio-compatibility problems.

• All FMT SpO2 sensors meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC & MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.


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