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Discover FMT’s Advanced EKG Cables: FMT presents a comprehensive range of EKG cables and leadwires for diagnostic ECG applications. These cables are designed with durable TPU material, ensuring maximum signal quality through full shielding. They come in various formats, and leadwires are equipped with color-coded, readable labels for easy use. FMT’s commitment to safety and quality includes built-in resistors and biocompatible materials, meeting stringent standards like MDD 93/42/EEC and CE marking. Elevate your EKG experience with FMT.

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• FMT offers a full range of EKG cables and leadwires for your diagnostic ECG applications fully compatible with most of the electrocardiographs on the market. EKG cables are in the monolithic (one piece complete cable) form or the combination of EKG trunk cable and detachable leadwires (detachable cable).

• Specially designed, durable, and flexible TPU cables are used in the production.

• Cables are fully shielded to provide maximum signal quality.

• Leadwires are terminated Ø4.0 mm insulated banana plug, Ø3.2 mm straight pin, snap, or grabber patient ends which IEC or AHA/AAMI color-coded and marked with permanent inscriptions.

• Cable yokes and connectors are supported with flexible bend reliefs to provide extra durability and extend the product life.

• Color-coded readable labels are placed on the yoke to ensure the correct and easy location of the leadwires.

• Built-in resistors or surge protectors that meet OEM cable specifications are used to prevent cable and device damage or electrical shock.

• FMT diagnostic EKG cables are made of biocompatible plastic materials such as TPU and TPE. Natural rubber latex and PVC are not used in the production of FMT EKG cables.

• FMT diagnostic EKG cables meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.


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